Budgerigar & Canaries Exhibition and Conference

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Be prepare and ready for an exiting event on 30th April 2017 at At the Auditorium of National Museum of Pakistan for all bird lover of Pakistan. #PakistanAviculturalFoundation #Pakistan #Aviculture #Budgerigar #Finch #Canary #InternationalStandards #ShowStandards #Show #Exhibition #Confernce Whoever want to join please contact through message at Facebook or at info@paf.net.pk or contact Fahad Baig

Why Aviculture?

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The overall ecosystem of entire world has disrupted drastically. However, to keep that ecosystem intact various international organizations are functioning under charters from United Nations and various countries. The¬†ecosystem of Pakistan is no exception, and especially the Avian of Pakistan origin, Migratory birds from other geographical locations to Pakistan and foreign birds having captive history […]

The Bird Show 2017

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  Pakistan Avicultural Foundation feeling determined¬† We proudly announce that Mr. Bart Braam will be the main Judge of “The Bird Show -2017”. #PakistanAviculturalFoundation #TheBirdShow #Birds #Shows #Events #ShowsPakistan #EventsPakistan #Pakistan #September #Budgerigar #LoveBirds #Cockatiels #Finch #Sparrows#Pigeons #Doves #Parrots #LargerParrots #GrassParakeets #GroundBirds#Year2017 #InternationalStandardShow #Proudmoments

Pet Show

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Pakistan Avicultural Foundation feeling excited at Naya Nazimabad. Pakistan Avicultural Foundation proudly managing a Pet Show for the families and kids in Karachi Kings Family Festival on Saturday 18th February. Come along with your pets and get a chance to grab the winning awards. Free Pet Registration!!

The Bird Show 2016

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Pakistan Avicultural Foundation added 278 new photos to the album: The Bird Show 2016 – 2nd Day. This album brings together the proceedings of “The Bird Show 2016” organized by Pakistan Avicultural Foundation on Saturday 12th November. As per the announced schedule, a wide range of Cockatiels, Budgerigars, Pigeons & Doves and Tamed & Talkative […]

Mini Bird Show

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  Pakistan Avicultural Foundation feeling excited. All members of Pakistan Avicultural Foundation are hereby notified to register their #Budgerigars, #Finches, #Cockatiels, #Lovebirds, Tamed #Parrots, Ground Birds and #Pigeons by 25th May’ 2016 without any entry charges. #theminibirdshow #pafevent #pakistanaviculturalfoundation #birdshow #karachievent

Trip to Haleji Lake

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Update: Please check trip details on this blog post A trip to Haleji Lake: Pakistan Avicultural Foundation has planned a day out at Haleji Lake with an objective of sighting the native and migratory birds. The total expenditure of trip including transportation and food would be Rs. 1500/- per head. PAF members are entitled to […]

First Love Bird Exibition

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Pakistan Association for Lovebirds (PAL) the registered division of Pakistan Avicultural Foundation announcing 1st exhibition of Lovebirds on Sunday 1st November’ 2015 at 11:00 AM. All members of Pakistan Avicultural Foundation are invited to attend this informative session covering all aspects of lovebird keeping. Venue: Karachi Banquet Hall aka Ali Bhai Auditorium. For more info: […]

Membership Announcement

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Pakistan Avicultural Foundation opens the membership program by inviting all the fanciers at Arabian Sea Country Club on a fine morning of Sunday 14th June’ 2015. Audience was entertained by participating and attending an auction of Exhibition Budgerigars bred by world’s renowned breeders. Pakistan Avicultural Foundation extends warm congratulations to all the successful bidders including […]