Kids Bird Show School Program

Pakistan Avicultural Foundation Educational Program for School Kids Managed by Conservation, Rehabilitation, Research, Rescue & Fostering Division

Kids Ecology – Fun & Educational Awareness Program – A root level learning system with community participation and public action. Ecology the branch of biology that deals with the relations of organisms to one another and to their physical surroundings. The word ECOLOGY comes from Greek words meaning “study of the household.” That means that ecology is the study of the “household” of living things, their neighbors and neighborhood. Ecology includes not only how living things interact with each other, but how they interact with their physical environment. Things such as climate, water and soil.

Objective to get involve kids, juniors and adult students closely are:
(a) To learn about living things by observing,
(b) Seeing what happens
(c) Recording what they find
(d) Species or habitat
(e) Behavior of single species to see and how interacts
(f) Food and space.

This is all part of scientific method (collection of data and resource) this programs interviews, discussion on endangered species, also to provide web link resource and to connect with avian-ecology or birds-biology or bionoimcs or environmental monitoring or biodiversity or avian study.

Thanks to Beacon House School System Kindergarten Branch II PECHS Karachi