The Bird Show 2016

Pakistan Avicultural Foundation added 278 new photos to the album: The Bird Show 2016 – 2nd Day.

This album brings together the proceedings of “The Bird Show 2016” organized by Pakistan Avicultural Foundation on Saturday 12th November. As per the announced schedule, a wide range of Cockatiels, Budgerigars, Pigeons & Doves and Tamed & Talkative Parrots were exhibited on the show bench. Mr. Habib Ur Rehman Sherani performed the judging of Budgerigars including Exhibition, Miniature, Crested, Fallow and Hagoromo classes. Cockatiels and Pigeons were being judged by Mr. Muhammad Amin Faheem whereas Abbas Jeraj accompanied Amin during the judging of Tamed & Talkative Parrots. We are thankful for the media coverage done by ARY Zindagi and APNA Tv Channel. All the volunteers did exceptionally well to carry out all the tasks in a timely manner.

Photography Credit: Saad Ahmed and Mahmood Ali Achoali.