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Pakistan Avicultural Foundation is formed under section 42 of the Companies Ordinance 1984 as a non-profit organization

The overall ecosystem of entire world has disrupted drastically. However, to keep that ecosystem intact various international organizations are functioning under charters from United Nations and various countries. The ecosystem of Pakistan is no exception, and especially the Avian of Pakistan origin, Migratory birds from other geographical locations to Pakistan and foreign birds having captive history in Pakistan.

To preserve, conserve and maintain that specific part of ecosystem within the geographical boundaries of Pakistan is the mission of Pakistan Avicultural Foundation.


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Greeting message for BSB from Pakistan

Bob Wilson USA, WBO Judge is in Bangladesh for judging international budgerigar show 2019. Friendly message from Pakistan for hobby and animal fancy promotion and support for worldwide breeder.

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Pakistan Poultry, Dairy & Livestock Expo

Pakistan Poultry Diary & Livestock Expo is a platform which unifies the key stakeholders from Poultry, Dairy and Livestock Industry. Objective is to attract the key stakeholders from poultry, dairy,[…]

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LDFA Larkana 2018

In collaboration with Sindh Board of Investment (SBI), Pakistan Avicultural Foundation proudly managed Birds Show during LDFA 2018 held at Municipal Stadium Larkana. Sindh Enterprise Development Fund, in collaboration with[…]

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Past Events

Pakistan Avicultural Foundation organized various events time to time following are few main and latest events.

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