RedEye Breeders’ Skill Contest & Competition

First All Redeye Budgerigar Breeders Skill Contest and Competition managed by #Pakistan Association for Budgerigars (PAB) held on 21st May 2017 at Karachi.

Congratulations to all participants and novice winners of Redeye Breeders. Purpose was to educate ‘redeye’ budgie beginner, juniors and new breeders in general with elementary supplementary breeder’ exhibitor standards and guidelines through live Q&A and principle of identification of  ‘redeye’ which can easily be scored
(a) body color
(b) wing color pattern
(c) mask color
(d) feather chrome or by the color of their eyes* (variation of eyes color)
(e) size and shape of crest or hagoromos Japanese Crested, non-crest budgies

The core mission was to ranking up skills in novice breeders specially under champion/senior breeder leadership.

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