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Kids Bird Show School Program

Pakistan Avicultural Foundation Educational Program for School Kids Managed by Conservation, Rehabilitation, Research, Rescue & Fostering Division www.paf.net.pk https://www.facebook.com/paf.net.pk/ Kids Ecology – Fun & Educational Awareness Program – A root level learning system with community participation and public action. Ecology the branch of biology that deals with the relations of organisms to one another and…
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Budgerigar & Canaries Exhibition and Conference

Pakistan Avicultural Foundation organized a full of education and awareness event to boost the aviculture standards in Pakistan on 30th Apr 2017 at National Museum of Pakistan. Open Challenge competition, Lectures and┬áVariety Exhibition were held under Pakistan Association for Budgerigars and Variety Exhibition of Canaries were held under Pakistan Association for Finches & Sparrow. Respected…
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